How do I upload my photos for printing?

We have tried to make it easy for you to drag and drop your photos for printing on our website, but we are aware that our system is not yet perfect!

To access your photos, you first want to hit "upload photos". This will bring up Filestack, a helpful tool that will allow you to choose from various social media platforms, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, or your computer.

Please note, for certain products we cannot allow uploads from Facebook or Instagram due to the size of the images from these sources. If a product does not allow these social sites, you will not see them listed as an option. Both of these sites compress the photos when you post them, and these small photos are not suitable for larger products.

Here are some guidelines for how to have the best uploading experience:

  • Use Chrome on a computer to order, our uploader isn't great on mobile or tablets. If you would like to order from your mobile or tablet device, you can download our app!  
  • Make sure all your images are JPEGs. We do not accept any other file type. 
  • The minimum size photo for most products is 612px x 612px. 
  • The maximum size file for a Wall Filler is 25MB
  • We recommend a 300 ppi resolution for the clearest prints. 
  •  We accept RGB color profiles. 
  • Unless you're ordering a Wall Filler, please do not upload photos larger than 6MB.

If you're having trouble ordering, here are some typical causes:
• Using Internet Explorer to order. Our website isn't very compatible with this browser, sorry!
• Using a mobile or tablet device to order.
• Uploading the wrong file type. Make sure they're JPEGs! .png files will stall our uploader and you will need to refresh the page.
• Uploading the wrong image size. Check your JPEGs are over 612 x 612 pixels in dimension. If they're under this size you'll need to manually resize them using a photo editing software.
• Spending too long on your order or leaving uploaded photos overnight. Our back-end only saves incomplete orders for up to 8 hours, and only if the items are in your cart. We cannot save in progress orders. We're working on improving this!
• Uploading many very large photos. If you're uploading hundreds of photos and a lot of them are over 2MB in size, our uploader can slow down or stall. For items that require many photos, like our calendars, we recommend you use images under 2MB in size and in batches of 20-30 at a time. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Still having trouble? Email and we'll help you out!

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