Saving Orders

Can I save my order and continue creating it later?

We are pleased to announce that our website has a new save feature in beta for:

To save, navigate to the upload page and hit the "Save Project" button at the top of the page:

A link to your project will then be emailed to you. Your in progress order will be saved for 30 days as you complete the project. You can use the link and hit re-save anytime to extend the 30 days.

Sorry to say that we cannot save incomplete orders of other products on our website at this time. You can save in progress orders on our iOS app, Print Studio. We wish that we could save other website orders but do not currently have the back-end in place to support this. This is in the works and we hope to have updates soon!

We advise you to check out quickly after you upload your images and advise that you not keep orders in your cart for long periods of time. Browsers can time out after long periods of time and this may cause you to lose your work.

For products with a lot of images like Photobooks, we advise you to gather and arrange your images in a folder on your desktop prior to uploading them to our site so you don’t lose your work. This also makes it easier for choosing the order in which your photos will print, you can select all of your images and upload in one fell swoop!

Can I access my saved orders from the app and checkout on the website instead?

For orders saved on our Print Studio App you will need to check out via the app, these orders cannot be accessed from the website's cart nor your account at this time. We hope to have an integrated system that allows multiple devices and platforms soon!