I'm having trouble uploading my photos!

If you're having trouble uploading, here are some typical causes: 

  • Using Edge/Internet Explorer to order. Our website isn't very compatible with this browser, sorry! We recommend Google Chrome for best results.
  • Using a mobile or tablet device to order. Our website works best from a computer.
  • Uploading the wrong file type. Make sure they're .jpg, .png, or .heic.
  • Uploading the wrong image size. Check your images are at least the minimum pixel size for this particular product. Our minimums are generally the size at 100dpi, so for example an 8x8" print will need to be at least 800x800 pixels. We have more resources for the best size to print at here.
  •  Spending too long on your order or leaving uploaded photos overnight. Our back-end only saves incomplete orders for up to 8 hours, and only if the items are in your cart. We can only save in progress orders for select products. We're working on improving this! 
  • Uploading many very large photos. If you're uploading hundreds of photos and a lot of them are over 2MB in size, our uploader can slow down or stall. For items that require many photos, like our calendars, we recommend you use images under 2MB in size and in batches of 20-30 at a time. We apologize for this inconvenience.   

My upload timed out and appears stuck on "Loading Images". HELP!!!!

The never ending load generally occurs when there is a hiccup in your connection. This is a lot of information to send to our server, so a hiccup in your connection can cause stalls.

If you are uploading many photos at once, you may want to try uploading less photos at once. For larger projects like photobooks and 365 day calendars, we recommend uploading 20-30 images at once. If you are currently stuck, scroll over the box behind "loading images", you should be able to click this box with your mouse to bring the uploader back up. Once you do this, try to upload a single photo. This will sometimes push the rest of the stuck images through. If not, it should upload this single photo, and allow you to choose more photos for upload without losing your work. 

I am getting "Low Resolution" warnings, why?

We have size requirements for all of our prints to ensure that your photos print well. We have these set at 100ppi, so for example if you are ordering an 8x10" print, the image file must be at least 800x1000 pixels in size. We have more information about how large you can print your photos here.

Still having trouble? Email hello@sps.io and we'll help you out!