Trouble checking out?

If you are having trouble checking out this could be for a few reasons! Below we have the most common errors with checkout, and how to fix them 💪

The Place Order button has stalled and is greyed out:

The most common cause for this error is incorrect information being entered on the payment page, or a field has been missed.

If the place order button has been stalled out for more than 5 minutes, something may be awry. We recommend refreshing the payment page (refreshing the payment page will not cause your order to be lost) and re-filling the payment page out. Take extra care to ensure that the e-mail and phone number fields are filled in, these are the most commonly missed.

Double and triple check your payment information. This issue is commonly caused by an incorrectly entered CVC or credit card number

Attempting to order on a public Wifi network (like work or school). These networks can have firewalls in place to prevent orders from going through.

If refreshing the payment page and filling out the correct information does not solve the issue, please either livechat or e-mail customer service from the e-mail address you are using to place this order. We can check out logs to see if this is a larger issue such as a credit card being denied by a financial institution. Customer service can be reached either from the turquoise button on the bottom right of the page, or by e-mailing

The Payment page is blank!

This is most likely a browser issue or ordering from a public network (like work or school). Navigate back to your cart page, and copy the cart URL from the address bar. (The address will start with You can paste this address into another browser (we recommend Google Chrome, Internet Explorer is notorious causing things to go awry) or e-mail yourself the address to open up on a home network in case of work or public firewalls.

If you are still having trouble, please drop us a line at or on livechat with screenshots of your full payment page, we can help you trouble shoot!