How do I create an account?

To create an account with Social Print Studio and save your addresses and payment information you can sign up here. You can also just enter a password on our payments page while checking out.

What can I do with an account?

If you  sign up for an account, you will be able to:

  • Check out your past orders.
  • Download photos from past orders.
  • Save your payment information and addresses.

I created an account, can I save my project?

Accounts cannot save your in-process orders at this time. You can save in progress orders from our iOS app, Print Studio if you are logged into your account, however, these in progress orders are being saved locally to your phone, not your account. You will not be able to pull up these saved orders on our website or any other device other than the device your order is currently saved on.

At this time, only some specific products can be saved on our website. Entire orders cannot be saved.   If you are short on time we recommend making a folder on your desktop for your project. This way you will be able to drag and drop photos when you have a few minutes to spare. When you have all of your images ready and have some time set aside for uploading and completing your purchase, all of your photos will be easily accessible :)

Can I re-order a past project from my account?

You cannot directly re-order a past order from your account on our website, but most past orders can be accessed and reordered from your account on our iOS app, Print Studio! If you do not have our iOS app or would prefer to reorder a past project via Customer Support this is still a possibility. All things reordering can be found here.