Can I reorder a past purchase?

While you cannot directly reorder a past order from your account or our website (yet!), we do offer direct reorders from our iOS app, Print Studio. If you have an iOS device and our app, please follow the instructions below. If you do not have our iOS app, we can still place a reorder for you, but we will have to do so with Customer Service’s help. Please note, reorders placed either via our app or via customer service can only be placed if the order is less than six months old. After six months we delete images from past orders for our customer's privacy.

I have your iOS app, Print Studio, and I would like to reorder a past order.

Great! There are a few caveats for reordering on our iOS app. Some products are not available on the app, or are offered with different layouts on our website. Is the order you are hoping to duplicate one of the following?

A 20x38” Poster

A 20x30” Poster with more than 54 images

Double Sided Square Prints

If so, these products are not yet supported on the app, and you will need to reach out to Customer Service to place a reorder. Please skip down to “I would prefer to place a reorder via email, how do I do this?”

Some products may be reordered via our iOS app, but are unable to be edited in any way. The following products may be reordered from our iOS app as is, but no edits can be made:

Softcover Photobook with a multi image layout (ordered from our website)

Hardcover Photobook with a multi image layout (ordered from our website)

Layflat Photo Album with a multi image layout (ordered from our website)

All other products may be reordered and edited from our iOS app.

To reorder a past purchase, tap on the menu button on our homepage:

Next, be sure to login to your account. (If you do not have an account with us, you may create one here.) Any orders placed with the email address your account is attached can be found under “Past Orders.”

If an order is for a product that cannot be reordered via the app, the “reorder” button will be greyed out. A reorder will require reaching out to customer service at hello@sps.io

Just follow the reorder flow to add the older item to your cart. New order items can also be added to the same cart, or an item from another previous order. 

I would prefer to place a reorder via email, how do I do this?

Our customer service team can absolutely reorder any order that is less than 6 months old for you! Find the order you would like to reprint in your account, and send Customer Service an email to hello@sps.io with the following information:

  1. The order number you would like to re-order. (The order number starts with PSDB and can be accessed from your account or your confirmation email)
  2. How many copies of this item would you like?
  3. Where you would like it shipped
  4. Shipping speed for this reprint. Our production turnaround times can be found here. Standard shipping is 3-5 business days, and we also have UPS Two Day and UPS Overnight shipping options available to our US customers. For an international order, standard shipping is 2-4 weeks. We do have UPS International Economy (3-5 business days) and UPS International Priority (2-3 business days) available if you need your goodies a bit quicker.
  5. Can we charge the card you have on file with us? We can also send an invoice if you would prefer to use a different payment source, like an updated card.

If you cannot find your order number, either because you do not currently have an account (sign up for one here!) or you have lost your confirmation email, we can help! Drop us a line at hello@sps.io from the e-mail address you placed your order with and a general timeline of when this order was placed (and what it held) and we can hunt your past order down for you!

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