Can I re-order a past purchase?

You cannot directly re-order a past order from your account or our website (yet!), however Customer Service can make this happen for you as long as the order is less than six months old. After six months we delete images from past orders for our customer's privacy. Find the order you would like to reprint in your account, and send Customer Service an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. The order number you would like to re-order. (The order number starts with PSDB and can be accessed from your account)
  2. How many copies of this item would you like?
  3. Where you would like it shipped
  4. Shipping speed for this reprint. All reprints take 4-5 business days for most projects to print. Standard shipping is 3-5 business days, and we also have UPS Two Day and UPS Overnight shipping options available to our US customers. For an international order, standard shipping is 2-4 weeks. We do have UPS International Economy (3-5 business days) and UPS International Priority (2-3 business days) available if you need your goodies a bit quicker.
  5. Can we charge the card you have on file with us? We can also send an invoice if you would prefer to use a different payment source, like an updated card.

If you cannot find your order number, either because you do not currently have an account (sign up for one here!) e-mail us at from the e-mail address you placed your order with and a general timeline of when this order was placed (and what it held) and we can hunt your past order down for you!

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