Daily Calendars

Product Details:

  • We now have five calendar designs for you to choose from!
  • Calendar pages are printed on 170 gsm uncoated paper. It is a bit thinner than our normal prints, but are still quite a hardy cardstock and allow for easy personalization with a regular ball point pen.
  • The Cover: New for 2019: we'll print a peekaboo of the first photo in your calendar within a heart template on the cover, along with the year.
  • Photos must be at least 612x612 pixels in the jpeg format to be uploaded.
  • Each calendar page measures 2.6875" x 3.21875" and the whole block measures 7.5cm in height.
  • The border on the Bordered calendar is 0.39" thick
  • A calendar's start date is the first day of the month following when the calendar was ordered. For example, if you order your calendar in the month of April, the calendar's start date will be May 1st.
  • Each Calendar is packaged a small brown cardboard box.
  • The Calendar does not come with the wooden stands shown in some of the product photography. Sorry for any confusion! 
  • We will begin to print calendars that start January 1st, 2020 in early October. Stay tuned.

Daily Calendars can be ordered here!

Ordering Tips:

  • We recommend uploading 50 photos at a time. Uploading all 365 photos at once, this is a ton of information to send our servers and can cause our uploader to slow down.
  • Also to select all the photos in one album in our uploader, click the top photo, hold down shift, then scroll to the bottom and click the last photo.
  • Our uploader does not upload in the order you choose your photos. There is a rearrange page for you to drag them into their proper date.
  • Long upload time? Be sure to have plenty of bandwidth available. Work networks (we won't tell your boss) often have productivity filters and firewalls and prevent large uploads. We recommend trying to order from your home network.

Help! The uploader is stuck on "Loading Images" and I don't want to lose my work!

The never ending load generally occurs when there is a hiccup in your connection. This is a lot of information to send to our server, so a hiccup in your connection can cause stalls.

We have figured out a workaround that may help. On the box behind "loading images", you should be able to click with your mouse to bring the uploader back up. Once you do this, try to upload a single photo. This will sometimes push the rest of the stuck images through. If not, it should upload this single photo, and allow you to choose more photos for upload without losing your work.

If you are having issues uploading 50 at a time, we recommend choosing between 20-30 the next go round.

No Can Do:

  • Our website cannot save your order as you go at the moment, so it is highly recommended that you check out quickly after you've uploaded your Calendar images and not spend too long arranging or leave your tab open for many hours.
  • We cannot make custom start dates, sorry!
  • We have made five lovely new designs, but they are different than the designs we have offered in years past. New orders can not be placed with the older designs.

    Prefer the mobile experience? These are available from our Printstudio App! 

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