Bulk Orders

Does SPS offer bulk or wholesale pricing?

We cannot offer wholesale pricing at this time, but depending on the size of the order you are looking to place, we may be able to offer a price break. Please e-mail us with the amount of products you are looking to order to hello@sps.io. We are unable to offer price breaks on smaller order amounts due to our already very small margins. We keep our prices low for every order so that all of our customers have a great price no matter the size of their order.

How do I qualify for bulk pricing?

In order to qualify for bulk pricing we do have some requirements.

 We require a test order of a single order (or set if this is our smaller prints or greeting cards or other batch items). If you do not place a test order for the product you are looking to order in bulk, we cannot give price breaks. If the larger order has been placed without a test order, we will be unable to reprint nor refund a large order unless there was a clear production error. 

Test orders are important to ensure that your larger batch will print like you are hoping.

Once the test order has been received and approved, contact the customer service agent you have been in touch with for the bulk order. We can then place your larger order for you, and send an invoice for the larger order at the discounted price. We will also refund you for your test order.

How long will production take on a bulk order?

Production can vary from product to product, but in general bulk orders will take at least 5-7 business days to physically print. Standard shipping is 3-5 business days on top of this, but we also have UPS 2 day and UPS Overnight available for domestic customers. Customer service can quote you for standard as well as expedited shipping options.

We recommend giving yourself at least 14 business days for an order to print and arrive to you if you are ordering a large order. For a better idea of production time, please contact customer service.

If you have any questions about bulk ordering please contact customer service at hello@sps.io

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