Daily Calendar

Product Details

Calendar pages are printed on 170 gsm thick photo paper. Easy to tear-off every day and hardy enough to repurpose as prints. Choose from five modern calendar designs.

Each calendar page measures 2.69x 3.22" (6.83x8.18 cm) and the whole block measures 2.95” (7.5 cm) in height.

Each Daily Calendar is individually packaged in a small brown cardboard box. Tie a bow or some twine around it, add a Tiny Card, and you’ve got a gift-wrap free gift!

Ordering Tips

Our uploader requires photos at least 612x612 pixels in jpeg format.

Save as you go! We recommend ordering your Daily Calendar through the Print Studio iOS app. As of January 2020, our app features a Save Project button, allowing you to save your projects as you go. That’s solid peace of mind when you’re uploading a year’s worth of photos. To save in progress calendar orders on our Print Studio App, select Save Project on the bottom of the maker page. You can rest easy knowing it’ll be there when you go back to finish your project!

If you’re ordering a Daily Calendar from our website, note that you will not be able to save orders in progress at this time. We recommend beginning the Daily Calendar ordering process by creating a folder on your desktop with all the photos you’d like to use. Once you’ve collected a year's worth of photos in your folder, you can begin uploading. 

Don't sweat it if you do not have a year's worth of photos! You can repeat photos by upping their quantity on the upload page. Clicking "autofill" will duplicate your photos to fill the remainder of the year.

We recommend placing your Daily Calendar order all in one go if you’re ordering on the web, from upload to checkout. If you leave your project sitting in your cart for long periods of time, you risk a browser refresh that could result in losing your work.

Our uploader only allows photos to be uploaded 50 at a time to avoid hiccups in your connection.

If you want the option to save as you go, make your Daily Calendar through the Print Studio iOS app. Like we detailed above, Daily Calendar orders can be saved in-progress on our app but can’t be saved-in-progress on our website. In the app, select Save Project on the bottom of the maker page to save your work as you go.

We have more tips for ordering the Daily Calendars from our website here.

Can I choose which photo is printed on the cover?

Choose your first photo with care because we print a peekaboo of the first photo in your calendar within a heart template on the cover, along with the year. 

Does the Daily Calendar come with a stand?

It does not, but we sell our Calendar Stands separately here.

What will the start date be for my Daily Calendar?

As of January 1, 2021, all calendars will have a start date of the first day of the following month that the calendar is ordered in. For example, an order placed in July will begin August 1st and end on the following July 31st. We will begin printing calendars with January 1, 2022 start dates on October 1, 2021.

What are the exact template sizes for each of your designs?

The printing template sizes for the various designs can be found below. Some templates may be larger than the page itself; this is due to factored-in bleed space. 

  • Small Date: 2.813x2.813"
  • Split Date: 2.813x2.813"
  • Block Date: 2.688x3.219"
  • Bordered: 2.294x2.828" (The border on the Bordered Daily Calendar is 0.39" (0.99 cm) thick.)
  • Full bleed: 2.688x3.219"

No Can Do

We do not offer custom start dates. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Daily Calendar must include a full year’s worth of photos. We are unable to create calendars with shorter or longer periods of time, or any type of countdown calendar. 

Bulk Orders:

Our Daily Calendars are popular gift items for corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers. They make great holiday gifts, client thank yous, and corporate swag. We offer bulk pricing for large orders over $500 (Must be the same product and shipping to the same address. More information can be found here). 

Daily Calendars are available on our website and Print Studio iOS.

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