Why can't I print some of your products from Instagram?

We want your prints to look amazing! Due to the size of Instagram photos, we are unable to blow them up for printing to the dimensions of some of our larger products, without significantly depleting the quality. If your image is too small, you will receive a 'Low Resolution Error'. If you can track down the original mobile image file of that Instagram photo you can print that, or find a .jpg, .png, or .heic image on your computer or device that meets the size requirements.

You can read more about low resolution warnings here!

Honorable Mention/Exception: Softcover, Hardcover, and Layflat Photo Albums. You can use Instagram photos but we do not recommend it for the full bleed page layout option. There will be quite a bit of cropping on these pages, and the Instagram photo printed very large will likely not turn out well. You can choose one of the grid layout options for pages you would like to use Instagram photos for!