I am getting a "Low Resolution" error message

We have size requirements for all of our prints to ensure that your photos print well. We have these set at 100ppi, so for example if you are ordering an 8x10" print, the image file must be at least 800x1000 pixels in size. Unfortunately, this minimum file size is hardcoded into our uploader, and there is not a way to get around this warning without manually resizing your files. We have more information about how large you can print your photos here.

I understand that my photo is too small but I still want to print it at this size.

If you want to print your photo at a lower DPI than allowed by our website, you can resize your photo manually and then upload it. This can be done in most image editing programs.

e.g. In Preview on a Mac. Simply click "Adjust Size" in the Tools menu:

Then you can increase the size to meet our minimum requirements.

Please note: If you manually increase the size of your photos, your prints will be lower quality and may appear pixellated or smudgy. We will not be able to reprint them any better.

If you are worried about a particular photo, we can help! Send us the photo along with the product/size you are looking to print it to hello@sps.io and we will give you frank assessment.