Can I print from my friend's Instagram or from a public hashtag?

You can indeed download from a friend's Instagram without any login information, though it is a pretty intense workaround. Instagram recently changed conditions of their API, and took away access for downloading photos for many of the Instagram viewers out there that made this process easier. Here is the workaround we have figured out!

1. Open Instagram on your browser, and navigate to your friend's stream.
2. Open another tab and head to
3. Navigate to the photo you would like to print on your friend's stream.
4. Click on the photo to enlarge. This will give you a unique URL for this photo. It will look like this, for example:
5. Take this URL, and enter it into the blank field on Downloadgram.
6. Hit download, and then hit the green "Download image" button.
7. Downloadgram will open a new window with the photo. You can now either drag it to your desktop or right click to save.
8. Go to our website and click the product you would like to print. You can select "Upload Photo" and this will allow you to print from your desktop as well as your own Instagram.

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