Can I print from multiple Instagram accounts?

If you have the login information for both Instagram accounts, this is totally doable, just follow the steps below.

1. Go to and log into the first instagram account you'd like to use! 

2. Select the product you're looking to order on our site and click the "Photos from my computer" option

3. Click upload photos -> Instagram option on the left hand side  - you will see the photos for the account you logged into!

4. Select & upload the photos you'd like to use for this product

5. Once you see them on the main upload page, go to (in a different tab/window) again and log out of the current account you're in and log into the other account you'd like to print from.

6. Click the “upload photos” icon on the product you are looking to print. This will bring up the file uploader. You need to hit the check mark next to the word Instagram, and this will ask you if you would like to sign out of this account. It is a little hard to see, its location is marked below:

Go ahead and sign out.

7. Click the word Instagram again, and sign into the second account.