Hardcover Photobook

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Product Info:

Photobooks have 38 pages bound with a hard cover.
Measures at 7 x 8.5 inches (17.78x21.59 cm)

Glossy pages that are just the right weight for flipping.
Interior pages are printed on 50% recycled FSC-certified paper.

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Ordering Tips:

For your cover text and captions, please use English characters only. Emojis or non-English characters will not print.

No Can Do:

More options - At the moment we only have the single photo book size and page count available (
7 x 8.5 inches and 38 pages). We cannot add pages nor make a different size book at this time, so sorry about that!


We made you a new maker! You can now print multiple photos per page, avoid some issues with larger Instagram photos, and generally have a better experience.

If you need a matching set, we totally understand. You can still use the old uploader, however this build is no longer supported, and there are some latent bugs that exist. These bugs have been eliminated from our new maker, which is why we recommend using it. You can reach our old Photobook Maker  here .

 Prefer the mobile experience and really just want one photo per page? These are available from our Printstudio App! 

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