Photo Book Creator FAQ

How do I upload photos? 

Click Images on the Tool Bar on the right-hand side and then select Upload. You can also drag and drop images directly into the upload image box. 

How do I create my cover? 

To create your cover, make sure you’re on the cover page in the preview at the center. This will allow you to access cover options. 

Hardcover and Softcover books

Select Layouts from the Tool Bar on the right-hand side. 

Browse layouts and drag the desired layout onto the preview at the center.

Layflat Album with foil stamping:

Select Cover Options on the Tool Bar to add a title and select colors for your linen cover and foil-stamping.

Layflat Album with dust jacket:

Select Cover Options on the Tool Bar to choose the linen cover. To create the dust jacket, select Layouts from the Tool Bar. Browse layouts and drag the desired layout to the preview at center. 

Can I choose a Foil Stamp title and a Dust Jacket cover?

Sorry, but no! You can only select one of these excellent cover options for your Album.

How do I select a layout?

Once you have completed the cover, use the right arrow to navigate to the next page, or scroll the layout bar at the bottom to select a page. Use the pre-filled layout or swap a new layout into the design by dragging and dropping.

How do I add photos? 

After you have selected the desired layout, click the Images icon on the Tool Bar. Drag the desired photo onto the preview at the center of the editor. 

How do I crop photos? 

Click on an image in the layout preview to access the cropping tool in the Tool Bar on the right-hand side. 

Select the crop button in the center and then move an image within its frame in the preview to crop. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out on an image.  

How do I rearrange my pages? 

Click the “Organize” arrow peeking out from the lower tab of the maker to add, delete, and rearrange pages.

Can I have less than 38 pages? 

No, all of our books have 38 pages. After uploading images, you can use the Autofill button to fill out your book.

Can I change things after I Autofill my book? 

Yes! Note that it may take a few minutes for all of your images to populate into your book. You can swap different photos into the layouts after you autofill. 

Can I create my own templates by adding text and photo boxes? 

Yes. If you have an eye for design, you may want to create your own templates by adding image and text boxes and moving elements around on the page. Be sure to keep text and important photo elements away from the edge of any template as pages will be cropped up to a quarter inch. 

Pro Tip: Make your own two-page spread!

Got a flair for the dramatic, or a really pretty landscape that can't be contained to just one page? We got you covered! First find the place in the book you'd like to put your spread and clear both pages of formatting. Insert a blank image box.

Then, expand the dimensions of that Image Box across the two pages until it measures 16.00 x 10.00 in:

Now, drag the desired image right into that image box. Ta-dah! You have a two-page spread. :)

How long will my book take to print? 

Books typically take 5 business days to print and process in our pro lab before they ship, but high volume can impact this. See Production and Shipping for a full run-down on what to expect.