Product Details:

Stickers are professionally printed on 240gsm sticker sheets with a glossy finish.

Each sticker measures 2" x 2" (5.08x5.08 cm)

We print 6 stickers on each sticker sheet and 4 sheets in a set. 

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Misc. FAQ

Can I print the same photo on all my stickers?

Yes! Upload the photo you fancy, then hit "autofill" in the upper right hand corner of the upload page.

Will these print full bleed?

There is some cropping to each sticker in addition to what you see in preview. This is due to the shape of the sticker. Please leave a lot of space between the subject of the photo and the edge of the sticker so no one loses their head or limbs.

What is the minimum photo size for stickers?

300x300 pixels

Can I print a different photo on all my stickers?

Yes! Just upload 24 unique photos.

Can I print like 4 stickers of one photo, 6 of another, and then 14 different stickers all in one set?

Yes, you can do everything you want! 24 stickers are still only $15.

Can I arrange the order of the stickers?

Not yet, sorry. Maybe soon!

Will the sticker trim any of my photo?

Our stickers are printed so about 1mm of your photo will be printed past the edge of the sticker. This is significantly less than our OG smaller stickers, and is not particularly noticeable.

Where are your teeny tiny stickers?

They are here

Prefer the mobile experience? These are available from our Printstudio App! 

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