Mini Photo Stickers

Product Details

Mini Photo Stickers are a DIY enthusiast’s best friend! Two books of 126  2cm square (0.8”) stickers come per set which means 252 ways to mark important calendar dates, jazz up your scrapbook pages, or add a personalized touch to your Save the Dates.

Ordering Tips

Be aware! The edges of your images will be cropped a full 2mm. (It may be more than you would like). Keep all important limbs, heads, and text smack dab in the middle of the sticker.

For two identical books, select 126 images. To receive two unique books, choose 252 images.

We don't recommend printing text on your stickers due to their very small size.

Prefer duplicate stickers? Upload the images you would like to print and click “autofill.”

Order Mini Photo Stickers on our website and Print Studio app