Layflat Photo Album

Product Details

Our premium Layflat Photo Album is printed on archival quality 220gsm Kodak luster photo paper. The book measures 8x10" (20.32x25.4 cm) with 38 thick pages. Opt for a dust jacket or a linen cover in one of 11 classic colors. And just like all of our products, it’s made in the USA.

Multiple layout options are only available on our website. Single image pages are available on our Print Studio iOS app.

Ordering Tips

  • For full-bleed pages we recommend uploading high res images only.
  • The dust jacket is printed on 163gsm Fuji Thin Luster paper covered with a protective UV coating to protect from fingerprints.
  • Layflat Photo Albums with a dust jacket selected have 11 linen options for the hardcover.
  • Layflat Photo albums with a foil stamp selected have 10 linen options for the hardcover. (The Half-Linen does not allow foil stamping.)

I’m a photo book newbie. How do I print a Layflat Photo Album?

For a simple tutorial on how to print your first Photo Book on the website, check out our how-to guide here

On the app simply choose your favorite 38 photos, a foil stamped or dust jacketed cover, and add a title. 

What’s the difference between a Photo Book and a Layflat Photo Album?

The Layflat Photo Album is our premium photo book option at a fraction of the cost of our competitors’ layflat photo albums. It’s called a “Layflat'' because it’s bound in a specific way that allows it to lay flat on a hard surface. Our Layflat Albums allow you to print a full two page spread without losing any portion of the image in the binding. Layflat Photo Albums are the highest quality photo albums out there and are often used for wedding photos, anniversary gifts, and special occasions. 

I'm getting married soon! Should I order a Wedding Guest Book or a Layflat Album?

Physically, these two are the same product! The difference is that the Wedding Guest Book is pre-formatted with specific templates and layouts to make designing your perfect book even easier, with plenty of space for guests to sign.

What are the exact pixel counts for pages and dust covers on these books?

We admire your attention to detail.

  • Pages are 1450x1750 pixels
  • Dust covers are 2102x2622 pixels

Foil Stamping Details

  • Three lines of text may be printed on foil stamped covers.
  • Each line has a text limit of 32 characters. 
  • We cannot foil stamp our Half-Linen cover option due to the texture and color of this linen.

What kind of pen/marker can I use to write in this?

The pages of this Album do have a semi-glossy luster finish. For writing on these pages, we suggest using a fine-tipped permanent marker. Giving it a few moments in between page turns would allow for the ink to dry and not smudge.

For a specific recommendation, we recommend the Fine Point Sharpie Pro. That marker is specifically designed for use on wet/oily surfaces, so it is ideal for writing on luster surfaces. No more smudging!

A Note on Cropping

Our Layflat Photo Albums feature full bleed dust covers, and the pages can also be chosen to print full bleed. Due to the nature of full bleed printing and trimming, we recommend keeping all important subjects at least 0.25” from the edge shown on the cropping menu and print preview. Full bleed prints can be cropped up to an additional 0.25” from this preview so we recommend keeping all vital limbs, heads, and text away from these crop lines.

Can Instagram Photos be used for these books?

We don't recommend using Instagram photos in our Layflat Photo Albums. They will be printed with a large amount of white space around them because the image size is too small to be printed full bleed.

If you would like to print your Instagram photos, there are some grid page options (website only) that have small enough grids to facilitate the smaller Instagram file size. We recommend these grid options for smaller social media photos as printing them full bleed can result in pixelated pages. If you are ordering from our apps please use the original files rather than these smaller Instagram photos.

Can I print my title in another language?

We can only print English characters for foil stamped titles. The preview may show non-English characters but our script cannot understand them. Non-English characters will be printed as a "?". If you are using the app, please only use English characters for your titles and captions if you are ordering a dustcover. Emojis or non-English characters will not print. All characters will print in dustcover titles made using the website. 

Order a Layflat Photo Album on our website and Print Studio app