Mini Stickers

Product details:

  • 2 sticker books per order with a total of 252 stickers.
  • Each sticker is a 2cm square (~0.8in)
  • Be aware! The edges of your images will be cropped a full 2mm. (It may be more than you would like) 

Mini Stickers can be ordered here!

Ordering tips:

  • For two identical books, select 126 images. To receive two unique books, you must choose 252 images
  • We recommend choosing photos that are right in the middle of the image to ensure that no one loses heads, or arms, or other body parts to our arbitrary sticker cutting robot.
  • We don't recommend printing text on your stickers due to their very small size.
  • We cannot choose the order your stickers are printed in, so sorry!
  • Mini Stickers are currently only available on our website. We hope to have them available on our Printstudio App in the future.

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