Giant Photostrips

Product Details:

  • Set of 2 strips with 8 photos 
  • Photostrips measure 9x36" (22.86x91.44 cm)
  • Photos measure 8.5x8.5" (21.59x21.59 cm)
  • Printed on professional Kodak paper with a luster finish.

Giant Photostrips can be ordered here!


Ordering Tips:

  • We recommend using photos that are at least 850x850 pixels, most mobile photos will actually work just fine.
  • If you want your photos on your photostrips to be printed in landscape, you will need to click "crop" each individual photo after it is uploaded and rotate it within our cropper.
  • If you are looking for a hanger, check out our wooden hangers! The small size works perfectly for this product.

No Can Do:

  • Unfortunately we cannot use most Instagram photos for these giant beauties. We require images that are at least 850x850 pixels.

Prefer the mobile experience? These are available from our Printstudio App!

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