How do I select images from a multiple image Instagram post?

Instagram will not allow our uploading software to access any photos past the very first one on a multiple photo Instagram post. We're so sorry! We have figured out a workaround, but it does take a bit of work in the developer console :) 

1. Open up and navigate to your page by clicking on the little person icon in the upper right hand corner.

2. Double click on the Instagram post where you would like to grab your images from. This will enlarge it and bring you to the individual URL for this post. Use the arrows on the right side of your photo to scroll and select the image you would like to grab for printing.

3. Hit Command + Option + i (Mac) or Control + Shift + i (PC)

This will bring up the developer tab on your browser. We recommend Chrome!

4. Select the "Application" tab

5. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page until you see "Frames".

Click the arrow next to the square icon and the word "top"

6. Open top, then scroll down to click on the arrow next to "images". This will list all of the images associated with this post. Click through the images until you find the one you would like to print. You can preview the images on the right hand window.

Once you have the preview up of the image you desire, right click on the previewed image to bring up options for the image. Select "Open image in a New Tab":

This will bring you a fresh and new tab to either drag and drop your image to your desktop or right click and save.

Phew! We did it team! So sorry for the complicated workaround, Instagram is not making this easy on us! We are working on a simpler solution for the future. 

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