Framed Enlargements

Product Details:

  • Our frames are made from 100% sustainably-produced wood, painted black, and the mattes we use are 4ply.
  • We print on professional Kodak paper with a luster finish.
  • All frames come with a sawtooth hanger on the reverse for hanging. This is installed according to the orientation of the photo you have selected for printing so you can hang it perfectly! 
  • If you have something a bit more abstract that you are worried will be hung in the wrong orientation, please e-mail us at with your photo attached in the proper orientation so we can pass a note on to production.

For each frame, the individual image sizes are as follows:

  • 4x4 Frame: Matte window is 4x4" (10.16x10.16cm) 
    • Black frames are 9.25 x 9.25in (23.46x23.46cm)
    • White frames are 10.125x10.125in (25.72x25.72cm)
  • 8x10 Frame: Matte window is 8x10" (20.32x25.4cm) 
    • Black frames are 12.25 x 15.25in (31.1x38.7cm)
    • White frames are 13.125 x 16.125in (33.337x40.957cm)
  • 11x14 Frame: Matte window is 11x14" (27.94x35.56cm) 
    • Black frames are 16.25 x 19.25in (41.28x48.9cm)
    • White frames are  17.125 x 20.125in (43.497x51.117cm)
  • 16x20 Frame: Matte window is 16x20" (40.64x50.8 cm) 
    • Black frames are 21.25in x 25.25in (53.98x64.13 cm)
    • White frames are 22.125 x 26.125in (56.197x66.357cm)

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Ordering Tips:

For the rectangular sizes you may lose some of your image to cropping if the aspect ratio is not correct in your original file. To fit your entire photo, please follow the guidelines below:

  • 8x10 print, crop your photo to a ratio of 4:5 
  • 11x14 print, crop your photo to a ratio of 11:14 
  • 16x20 print, crop your photo to a ratio of 4:5  

We do have minimum sizes for these larger framed prints. Minimum sizes are below:

  • 8x10 print: 800x1000 px 
  • 11x14 print: 1100x1400 px
  • 16x20 print: 1600x200 px

These framed prints are matted, and matting can crop the images ever so slightly. We recommend leaving a 1/4" of space between any subject and the crop line to ensure all crucial parts of your photo are visible.

Printing in Landscape?

To rotate your images so that they will be printed landscape, upload the images then click "Crop" in the uploader screen. You'll see a window pop-up that will allow you to "Rotate Selection". Click that and adjust the crop according to your wishes. Boom: landscape prints!

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