Grid Posters (Website)

Product Details

Print 50-200 photos in a clean grid on professional 250 gsm Kodak luster paper. (Probably one of the best ways to print your Instagram). Choose from black or white background; framed or unframed.

Available in 2 sizes in either landscape or portrait orientation:

  • 20x30" (50.8x76.2 cm) 
  • 20x38" (50.8x96.52 cm)

Two framed options available. Choose between a black or white wooden frame with acrylic pane. Comes ready to hang with a sawtooth hanger.

Grid Poster Ordering Tips

Photos must be at least 612x612 pixels. 

Grid Posters are a perfect way to print your Instagram photos.

What size are the printed photos for each poster size?

20x30” Poster

  • 54 photos, each photo = 3x3" (7.62x7.62 cm)
  • 96 photos, each photo = 2.25x2.25" (5.72x5.72 cm)
  • 150 photos, each photo = 1.75x1.75" (4.44x4.44 cm)

20x38” Poster

  • 50 photos, each photo = 3.5x3.5" (8.89x8.89 cm)
  • 128 photos, each photo = 2.125x2.125" (5.4x5.4 cm)
  • 200 photos, each photo = 1.75x1.75” (4.44x4.44 cm)

I forgot to select a frame for my poster. What should I do?

Email us your order number at hello@sps.io to request your poster be framed. Note that we can only add a frame to your poster if you get in touch with us within an hour of placing your order. Once customer service has confirmation that your poster has been framed, they can charge your card on file for the additional funds needed for the frame and shipping.

I selected a frame but don't want it anymore.

If you do not want to start over again, you can place your order with the frame and email customer service with your order number. Customer service can then remove the frame and refund you for the additional shipping and frame price. Note that we must receive this request within one hour of your order being placed.

If you would prefer to start again, you can do so by deleting the poster in your cart and choosing the unframed option for your new poster.

I changed my mind on the background color for my poster. 

We’re unable to swap background colors once your order has been placed. You will need to start again and choose the background color you desire at the beginning of the order process. If your order has already been placed, please email customer service at hello@sps.io as soon as possible. We will need to cancel your order so you can reorder the poster with the background color you prefer. Note: customer service will only cancel orders within an hour of the order being placed.

Framed Grid Poster outer dimensions: 

20x30" Grid Poster

  • Black Frames are 22.125 x 32.125 inches (56.20 x 81.60 cm)
  • White Frames are 22.125 x 32.125 inches (56.20 x 81.60 cm)

20x38" Grid Poster

  • Black Frames are 22.125 x 40.125 inches (56.20 x 101.92 cm)
  • White Frames are 22.125 x 40.125 inches (56.20 x 101.92 cm)

No Can Do:

We are unable to customize our Grid Posters. We can only print the sizes, numbers of photos, background colors, and frame options offered on our website and the Print Studio app.

Frames cannot be sold separately.

Order a Grid Poster on our website and the Print Studio App.

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