Mini Photo Books

Product Details

Mini Photo Books are one of our most classic products, and it’s easy to see why. Each order comes with two 3.5x2.4” (8.9cm x 6.1cm) books, each holding 50 photos. The sturdy cardstock pages are printed back-to-back with a luster finish and then spiral bound with a hard plastic cover and back. They are backpack, purse, and glove compartment size so your favorite memories never have to leave your side.

What size are the printed photos on the Mini Photo Books?

Mini Photo Books created with square Instagram photos will be printed in a square format, and the printed image is 2x2" (5.1x5.1 cm)

Mini Photo Books created with photos that are at least 800x600 pixels will print at 2.67x2”  (6.9cm x 5cm)

Ordering Tips:

Every Mini Photo Book order includes two Mini Photo Books for $25. 

To create 2 identical books, select 50 images. 

To create 2 unique books, select 100 images. The photo counter will refresh when you select more than 50!

All our Mini Photo Books are automatically printed to be flipped through from left-to-right, with the pages oriented landscape. If you would like the photos to be printed in a vertical orientation like a flip chart, you will need to manually rotate your photos after uploading them.

Order Mini Photo Books on our website and Print Studio app