Tiny Books

Product Details

Our smallest books always make the biggest splash! These little cuties measure in at 1.7x1.5" (4.3x3.8cm), come in sets of three, and stick together (or to your fridge) with magnets. Yes, freaking magnets! Each book has 24 pages to fit tons of memories in a teeny package perfect for business or wedding favors.

Ordering Tips

The printed image on each page is 1x1" (2.5x2.5 cm) for square Instagram photos, and up to 1.4x1" (2.91x2.54 cm) for non-Instagram photos

For the larger print size of 1.4x1" (2.91x2.54 cm) images, the minimum image size is 612x847 pixels. 

To receive 3 unique photobooks, select 72 images. The counter will refresh when you select more than 24 photos.

If you want 3 identical books, choose 24 images.

No can do:

We cannot customize the cover image on the Tinybooks at this time. Our SPS heart can be perfectly covered by a Mini Photo Sticker for the DIY inclined! 

Order Tiny Books on our website and the Print Studio App.