Product Details:

  • Round magnets are 1" (2.54 cm) in diameter
  • Square magnets have two sizes, choose between 3"x 3" inch (7.62x7.62 cm)or 2" x 2" inches (5.08x5.08 cm)
  • Your photos will be printed, laminated, and affixed to a magnet that sticks to any magnetic surface.

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Ordering Tips:

  • For round magnets, please choose images where the subjects are smack dab in the middle. To convert square images to a circular format, quite a bit of the edges of the image will be lost.
  • For square magnets, a small portion of the edge of your square crop will be folded over to create the magnet. Please keep all essential heads and arms far from the crop edge to prevent them from being folded over.

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