Help! I'm getting a Secret Code!

Do not fret! This code could be for a number of reasons. Here are the most common reasons for the error:

1. Using a mobile browser. Unfortunately mobile browsers are not coded in the same manner as those for your computer, so sometimes strange things can occur when a mobile browser is in play.

2. Your browser. We really really recommend using either Firefox or Chrome.

3. Missing info: You may have forgotten something! Double and triple check your e-mail address, address, phone number, and payment information. You may have missed something by accident in the flurry of printing induced excitement!

4. Special Characters. Unfortunately FedEx do not accept special characters in their address fields. Any accents, #, foreign characters or anything that denotes your address or name as unique probably won't be accepted. We're sorry! Remove the special characters and try again.

5. International Bank. If you are an international customer please take note! Sometimes banks will block charges from our service due to our location in the States. If everything else seems to be correct, we really recommend giving your financial institution a call.

6.  Error Message  If you are seeing an error message saying that you already have an account, just delete the information you entered in the "password" field. If you enter a password when you already have an account, this throws off the payment page, and can cause your order to not go through.

Still stuck? Drop us a line at with screen shots of your entire payment page so we can see what's missing :D

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