Help! I'm getting a Secret Code!

If you are receiving a secret code, this could be for a few reasons! The first thing to double check is the message along with the secret code. 

If your secret code says "Oh noes! Looks like you already have an account! We can't create another one :(" this is an easy fix!

For this error code you will need to refresh your payment page (your order will be fine) and fill out all fields except the field for a password. This error code means that you already have an account associated with this e-mail address, the payment page cannot make multiple accounts for the same e-mail address. You can either login to your account on the top of the payment page, or you can re-fill your information on all fields except the password field. 

For all other secret codes, the following could cause a secret code to trigger:

1. Using a mobile browser. Unfortunately mobile browsers are not coded in the same manner as those for your computer, so sometimes strange things can occur when a mobile browser is in play.

2. Your browser. We really really recommend using either Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer in particular can cause issues.

3. Missing info: You may have forgotten something! Double and triple check your e-mail address, address, phone number, and payment information. You may have missed something by accident in the flurry of printing induced excitement!

4. Special Characters. Unfortunately FedEx do not accept special characters in their address fields. Any accents, #, foreign characters or anything that denotes your address or name as unique probably won't be accepted. We're sorry! Remove the special characters and try again.

5. International Bank. If you are an international customer please take note! Sometimes banks will block charges from our service due to our location in the States. If everything else seems to be correct, we really recommend giving your financial institution a call.

6. Attempting to order on a public Wifi network (like work or school). These networks can have firewalls in place to prevent orders from going through.

If a refresh of the payment page and re-filling the information fields does not help, please drop customer service a line at hello@sps.io with screen shots of your entire payment page, they are well versed in spotting what is missing!