Quality Concerns

How can I check if my photo will print well?

While our site and app can only see how large an image is, it cannot see how crisp the image is, nor if it is a bit on the dark side. We have some lovely resources below to help you choose the perfect photo (or enhance a photo that just needs a few edits.)

Check out our How Big Can I Print it guide to see if your photo will print well in the size you desire.

We also have a great guide to help edit your photos from your phone, computer, or tablet.

I just received my order and I am unhappy with the results :( 

We will reprint your order or we can reimburse you with a gift code for a future order if you are unhappy with the quality of your prints. Just email us at hello@sps.io with a description of the issue and some photos of your prints taken in natural light. 

We cannot offer refunds for orders that printed true to file, but we are more than happy to help you troubleshoot to ensure that a new order will print better. Our prints are highly personalized items, and the majority of the cost of the order is put towards the actual printing and labor involved with printing your memories. Due to the nature of these products we cannot offer refunds for products that are printed true to file. If a reprint will not help with an order, then we are happy to offer a gift card to cover a new order, as well as help with any editing tips to help your order print more like what you are seeing on screen. 

Images viewed on our devices such as computers and phones are illuminated with a blue backlight. This backlight nullifies some red tones, and can also make photos appear brighter than they will print. Printed photos do not benefit from any backlighting, as they are printed straight on the surface ordered. 

If there has been damage to your order or you feel there has been a production error, please e-mail us at hello@sps.io and we can discuss the best option to get you your order as it was expected!