Monthly Calendar

Product Details

  • The stand is made in America from a single sheet of brass with a beautiful brushed finish 
  • Calendar pages are printed on 100% recycled cardstock 

Care Instructions

  • Brass will naturally darken and form a patina over time. To avoid a natural patina from forming, wipe regularly with a little liquid ammonia on a soft cloth. 
  • Keep away from water to avoid staining. 

Size and weight specs

  • The stand is 4” high, 4 ¼” wide, and 1 ⅝” deep, weighs 0.39 lbs (174 grams)
  • Each calendar page measures 5”x7”

A Note on Cropping for Full Bleed Prints:

  • Due to the nature of full bleed printing and trimming, we recommend keeping all important subjects at least 0.25” from the edge of your print shown on the cropping menu or print preview. Full bleed prints can be cropped up to an additional 0.25” from this preview so we recommend keeping all vital limbs, heads, and text away from these crop lines.

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