Signature Stand

Product Details

  • Made from a single sheet of folded steel
  • Powder coated with a matte finish
  • With 4 colors to choose from, pick the stand that vibes with your space!
    • Sage Green
    • Sunshine Yellow
    • Cloud White
    • Graphite Gray

Size and weight specs

  • 4 ⅛” high, 2 ⅞” wide, 3 3/16” deep (that's 10.48cm high, 7.30cm wide, and 8.10cm deep for our metric using friends)
  • Weighs in at a sturdy .54 lbs (245 grams)

Can I get a deal if I want to order this with a Daily Calendar?

Yes! Bundle them up. Just choose the Daily Calendar + Signature Stand option when creating your Daily Calendar. When ordered together you will save $9.50. (On their own Signature Stands are $48)

Order the Signature Stand on our website and Print Studio app