Can I edit an order I have already placed?

We are unable to make any edits to an existing order once it has been placed. Please be careful while placing your order! The preview screens will show you what size product you have selected, as well as cropping and any text added if the product allows for this.

If you have made an error in your order please e-mail customer service as soon as possible with your order number (it can be found in your confirmation email) If the order has not yet printed, we will be able to cancel your order for you so you may re-order the product or photos you prefer.

Our processor is highly automated, which is great for getting items to print quickly! However, this automation means that we are unable to edit orders that have been already placed. If you would like to cancel your order we need to hear from you within an hour of the order being placed to cancel this for you. If your order has already printed we will be unable to cancel your order.

We know that printing photos can be exciting, we feel the same way! Be mindful when making your selections and we can all enjoy the printing utopia we have made together.