How are ornaments printed?

Ornaments are printed on specially-coated aluminum with a high gloss finish.  

Ornaments are printed with a special dye infusion process directly onto the coated aluminum sheets. 

Each ornament has a hole pre-punched with a festive red ribbon for hanging.

How large are the ornaments?

  • Circle: 2.75" x 2.75" (6.99x6.99 cm)
  • Heart: 2.87" x 3" (7.29x7.62 cm)
  • Star: 3.81" x 3.98" (9.68x10.11 cm) 
  • Hexagon: 2.6" x 3" (6.60x7.62 cm)

Can I use Instagram photos for ornaments?

You can indeed, these are the perfect size for Instagram prints.

Will it print well? 

Our processor blocks photos that are too small, but cannot see things like resolution or lighting. (It is a very farsighted robot). A good way to tell if your photo will print great on a larger scale is to check the resolution. We print at 300 dpi, you want to be as close to this as possible. If you are still nervous, you can perform what we call the "zoom test" on your image prior to upload. Open up your photo on your computer's photo viewer, and zoom in a little bit. If you are seeing pixelation when you zoom, this will also show up in print. 

As a general rule, we recommend printing photos that are taken in natural light. Indoor photos at low light can look fuzzy. (Sorry bar selfies!)  

A Note on Cropping:

These products print full bleed, and we really recommend keeping all subjects away from the edge of your crop. Our preview page does a great job, but the actual crop can be a tiny bit tighter. Please keep all heads and arms well inside the cropping area with a bit of breathing room for the best possible print. 

Keep in mind that there is a hole punched at the top of your ornament for hanging purposes. We recommend keeping important areas of your photo (like faces) clear of this area.

Ornament infrequently asked questions:

Are ornaments water proof?

They are water proof, same as our metal prints :) We tested these in our office shower.

Are ornaments magnetic?

Ornaments are not magnetic! Pesky aluminum.... 

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