Large Format Prints

Product Details

Printed on 250gsm Kodak professional paper with a luster finish. Available with a 0.5” white border or full bleed. Twenty sizes to choose from.

Can I use Instagram photos for the square sizes?

Newer Instagram photos are 1080x1080 pixels, so are technically large enough for both the 8x8” and 10x10” sizes. Older Instagram photos can be much smaller, so may not be large enough for this product.

For the highest quality print, we do recommend using your original files for this particular product as Instagram does compress images. We have more information on how large we recommend printing photos here

Makes sense! How large do my photos need to be to print?

Square Large Format Prints:

  • 8x8" (20.3x20.3 cm): 800x800 pixels 
  • 10x10" (25.4x25.4 cm): 1000x1000 pixels 
  • 12x12" (30.5x30.5 cm): 1200x1200 pixels 
  • 20x20" (50.8x50.8 cm): 2000x2000 pixels 
  • 24x24" (60.96x60.96 cm): 2400x2400 pixels 
  • 30x30" (76.2x76.2 cm): 3000x3000 pixels 

Rectangular Large Format Prints:

  • 8x10" (20.3x25.4 cm): 800x1000 pixels 
  • 8x12" (20.3x30.5 cm): 800x1200 pixels 
  • 10x30" (25.4x76.2 cm): 1000x3000 pixels 
  • 11x14" (27.9x35.6 cm): 1100x1400 pixels 
  • 12x18" (30.5x45.7 cm): 1200x1800 pixels 
  • 12x36" (30.5x91.4 cm): 1200x3600 pixels 
  • 16x20" (40.6x50.8 cm): 1600x2000 pixels 
  • 20x30" (50.8x76.2 cm): 2000x3000 pixels 
  • 20x40" (50.8x101.6 cm): 2000x4000 pixels 
  • 24x36" (60.96x91.4 cm): 2400x3600 pixels 
  • 30x40" (76.2x101.6 cm): 3000x4000 pixels 
  • 30x45" (76.2x114.3 cm): 3000x4500 pixels 

For more information on the best photo sizes and resolution requirements for your prints, check out this informative blog post about how big you can print your photos.

How do I know if my photo will print well?

Our uploader tool won’t let you upload photos that are too small for a particular print size, but it is unable to tell if a photo is blurry, pixelated, or taken in low light. These are all factors that can cause a correctly sized photo to not print as well. A good way to tell if your photo will print clearly on a larger scale is to check the resolution. We print at 300 dpi and photos at or near this resolution will print best.

If you are still nervous, you can perform what we call the "zoom test" on your image prior to upload. Open up your photo on your computer's photo viewer, and zoom in a little bit. If you are seeing pixelation when you zoom, this will also show up in print.

As a general rule, we recommend printing photos that are taken in natural light. Indoor photos at low light can look fuzzy. Check out our photo editing guide that will help you choose and edit your photos for the best possible prints.

A Note on Cropping for Full Bleed Prints:

Due to the nature of full bleed printing and trimming, we recommend keeping all important subjects at least 0.25” from the edge of your print shown on the cropping menu or print preview. Full bleed prints can be cropped up to an additional 0.25” from this preview so we recommend keeping all vital limbs, heads, and text away from these crop lines.

Are these prints the same as Classic Prints, only larger?

Nope, this is a totally different product! These prints are printed on Kodak photo paper. They are not quite as thick, are a luster finish instead of matte, and are not coated. If you are looking for our traditional thick matte prints check out our Classic Prints.

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