Mosaic Maker

Mosaics are currently on holiday and are being revamped. We will let you know when they are available again :)

What is this?
It's our brand new mosaic maker! You upload one photo we split into many prints. You can order your mosaics here.
How big of a photo should I upload?
Generally you should upload your biggest digital photos as Mosaic prints.
For Magnet and Square Print mosaics, we recommend your photo should be at least 2400x2400px in size 
For the Wood or Metal mosaics, we recommend the following minimum sizes for your image:
4 4x4" (10.16x10.16 cm) square mosaic = 1200x1200px
9 4x4" (10.16x10.16 cm) square mosaic = 1800x1800px 
16 4x4" (10.16x10.16 cm) square mosaic = 2400x2400px
6 4x4" (10.16x10.16 cm) rectangular mosaic = 1800x1200px
12 4x4" (10.16x10.16 cm) rectangular mosaic = 1800x2400px
3 8x8 (20.32x20.32 cm) panoramic mosaic = 3600x1200px
3 8x10 (20.32x25.4 cm) panoramic mosaic = 4500x1200px
NOTE: T hese guidelines are not enforced in our uploader and are only recommended. Since you will be observing your mosaic from a distance, the resolution of each individual print is not of great importance. However, for the crispest possible printed results, we highly recommend you follow the guidelines above.
How much is a mosaic?
Our Mosaics are priced according to material, shape, and size.
Square Print Mosaics range from $12 - $96 each.
Magnet Mosaics range from $14 - $42 each.
Metal Mosaics range from $40 - $160 each
Wood Mosaics range from $56 - $224 each.
These prices do not include shipping, which is calculated by your location.
All prices are in USD.

I want a custom mosaic size, can you do this?

We cannot do this at this time. The only options available are those available on the maker.

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