Modern Wall Calendar

Product details

Our Modern Wall Calendar is printed on 300gsm FSC-certified matte paper. It’s spiral bound with a hook for easy hanging. 


  • Each calendar page measures 11x17" (27.94x43.18 cm)
  • The cover image is 11x17” (27.94x43.18 cm)
  • Monthly photos are 11x8.5” (27.94x21.59 cm)

Choose to include/remove holidays on your calendar with our easy holiday toggle on/off option.

Choose the starting month and year for your calendar.

What size photos can I print in my calendar?

The minimum photo size for the cover is 1700x1100 pixels.

The minimum photo size for each month is 1100x850 pixels.

Note that most Instagram photos do not meet these size requirements so you are unlikely to be able to print them on our Modern Wall Calendar. ( Daily Calendars, on the other hand, are perfect for Instagram!) We suggest that you find the original photo file if you wish to print these particular memories.

Can I print my photos portrait on the month pages?

No. All month images are printed in landscape.

Are the holidays US holidays?

Yes. The holidays printed are US holidays. We cannot change this at this time. Celebrate Arbor Day with us, international friends, or toggle the holiday option off.

Can I have the months printed in a different language?

Apologies, friends. Our calendars are only available in English.

Order Modern Wall Calendars on our website and iOS app