Product Details:
Postcards measure 5" x 7" (12.7x17.78 cm)
They are printed full-bleed with no white border.
Postcards are printed on 350gsm FSC-certified paper.
The picture side has a lustre finish and UV protective coating.
The reverse is uncoated and can be written on. It has lines for your address and a little "Stamp Camp" place to put your stamp.

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Can I print a different photo on every postcard in my set?

Can I print the same photo on every postcard in my set?

Yes, upload your single image and click "autofill" in the upper right hand corner. You can also hover over the uploaded image and increase the quantity of each photo until you reach the batch size.
Cropping tips:
Postcards print full bleed, and as such it is very important to keep all important details away from the edge of the image. Images can crop up to an and extra 1/8" on each side of the card, in addition to what is shown on the crop and preview pages. We really recommend keeping important limbs or text away from the crop lines.
Can I just order 1 postcard?
No. In order to keep our costs down we print these in batches. If you would like a one off Postcard to send to a friend, check out our iOS app, Post.
Can you mail the postcard for me?
We don't offer this service on our website, but you can download our iOS app Post which sends postcards for you! Here's the link:
Are these available on your app?
They are! Enjoy ordering mobile by downloading our app, here.

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