Wall Filler

Product Details:

The wall filler is 30x45" in size (76.2 x 114.3cm)

Printed on professional 250 gsm Kodak paper with a luster finish.

Full bleed or bordered options are available!

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Ordering Tips:

For best possible prints, please ensure that your original file is in a 3:2 aspect ratio. This will prevent you from having to crop the image at all, and will give you the best representation of your photo.
The minimum photo size needed to print a wall filler is
1125 x 750 pixels. Please note that this size will produce a print that will look great from about 10 feet away, but up close may look quite pixelated. We gave you the freedom to print your screen shots huge at last!

Optimal photo size for this print is 4500x3000 pixels or greater. This will give you a giant super crisp print!

Printing in Portrait?

To rotate your images so that they will be printed portrait, upload the images then click "Crop" in the uploader screen. You'll see a window pop-up that will allow you to "Rotate Selection". Click that, and then click "Rotate Image". Drag the crop box to the selection you desire. Behold! Your print will now be printed portrait!
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