Memory Box

How are my Instagram photos printed?

  • All your square Instagram photos will be printed as our classic 4" x 4" Square Prints. They measure 4" x 4", are printed on laminated 300gsm card-stock, and have a 3mm white border.
  • All your non-square Instagram photos will be printed as our rectangular Miniprints. They measure 3.3" x 2.2", are printed on laminated 300gsm card-stock and have a 3mm white border. There are no other options.
  • Some non-square Instagram photos may have a bit of an extra white border added to the photos. This is due to the aspect ratio of the Instagram photo, and we added this to make sure it looks nice and that no one gets their heads cropped off.

Enjoy your deliverance from the tyranny of choice.

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Why can't I get a Memory Box with less than 200 photos?

Our robotic overlords will not allow this. Think of this rule as a gentle prod to get you out there and taking more photos!

Wait, so how much does this cost?

Square prints are $0.30 and Miniprints are $0.25

I have a lot of Instagram photos, can I get more than one wooden box to store them?

Yes. We will send you as many wooden boxes as it takes to fit your prints. Every 400 prints gets a box, so if you have 800 photos you get 2 boxes. If you have 1200 prints, you get three boxes.

If you would like additional boxes, you can purchase them here.

Can I delete certain photos or edit them?

No. This is a one-click order deal. All your Instagram photos will be printed.

Can I access someone else's Instagram account to make a Memory Box with their photos?

Yes and no. If you have the login credentials you can certainly do this. If you are not good enough friends to have the other party's login information then we cannot print this account.

I have two Instagram accounts, am I able to combine them to create a Memory Box?

No can do, sorry!

I have multiple Instagram accounts, how can I switch to the account I want to print?

Please go to and sign out of the account you do not want to print, an sign into the account you would like to print. Remember, you can only print one account at a time, so be sure to choose your favorite. 

Can I upload photos from my computer?

This product is for Instagram photos only, and cannot be supplemented with photos from other sources.

Can I just buy the box?

Yes indeedy!

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