Soft Cover Photobooks

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Product Details

  • The Softcover Photobook is 8x10" (20.32x25.4cm) with 38 photos.
  • Photos are printed double-sided, for 19 total pages.
  • The pages are printed full-bleed on 100% recycled 118 gsm FSC-certified photo-paper.
  • The cover is 216gsm FSC-certified photo-paper with a smooth finish and perfectly bound.
  • Perfectly bound means bound with glue, no staples or stitching.

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Tips and Tricks

Want to make sure your pages are perfectly full bleed? Make sure your file is at least  800px X 999px 

If uploading full-page images please note that up to 1/4" may be trimmed on the edges of the page. Our preview does the best job it can to illustrate how your book will print, but due to the nature of full bleed printing, a small portion of the edge may be trimmed. Please keep all vital subjects, arms, hands, and text well within the edge of the image.

We cannot save photobook projects as you go, and we recommend uploading, arranging, and checking out with your book right away. Browsers left open over multiple hours can refresh, and this may cause you to lose your work. We are working on a save feature, but this is a huge undertaking and will take some time :(

If you do not have a ton of time to place your order (we all have things to do, we understand) we recommend creating a folder on your desktop for your project. When you have a few minutes, you can drag your photos for your book there. Once you have time, you can then upload all of your photos and rearrange them to your liking, as well as checkout.

No Can Do:

No can do

  • We cannot print Instagram photos, or other small photos, full bleed. Please choose a grid layout option for the pages you would like to use Instagram photos.
  • We cannot print captions or other metadata on the photobook pages from your Instagram photos.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot add or subtract pages at this time. 
  • We are unable to save your project as you go, please upload, arrange, and pay for your book all in one fell swoop.


We made you a new maker! You can now print multiple photos per page, avoid some issues with larger Instagram photos, and generally have a better experience. After many years of leaving the older photobook maker up and running, we no longer can support it. This maker has very old tech and we were beginning to see issues arise that could lead to orders failing. Give the new maker a whirl, and if you have any suggestions on how to make it better, please email us at

Prefer the mobile experience and just need 38 stunning full bleed photos? These are available from our Printstudio App! 

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