Photo Album

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Product Details

  • The Photo Album is 8" x 10" in size with 38 pages.
  • We recommend printing higher res images, as these print best full bleed.
  • Interior pages are printed on archival quality 220gsm Kodak Lustre photo paper.
  • The dust jacket is printed on 163gsm Fuji Thin Lustre paper covered with a protective UV coating to protect from finger prints.
  • Photo albums with a dust jacket selected have 11 linen options for the hardcover.
  • Photo albums with a foil stamp selected have 10 linen options for the hardcover. (The half-linen does not allow foil stamping, sorry half-linen fans!)
  • NOTE: We take meticulous care in the printing of each album. Please allow at least 3-4 full business days for production.

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Foil Stamping? What is this wizardry?

  • You can now choose either a beautiful foil stamped title on the linen cover, or a custom dust jacket!
  • Our robotic overlords have some limits on titles, we can print three lines of text, and these lines have a text limit of 32 characters. We are unable to create longer titles at this time.
  • Due to the color and texture of our Half-Linen cover option we are not able to foil stamp on this particular linen choice.

Double Page Spreads?

  • Can do! We have a layout for this on the maker :)


  • We don't recommend using Instagram photos in our Photo Albums. They will be printed with a large amount of white space around them because the image size is too small to be printed full-bleed.
  • If you would like to use an Instagram photo with this product, there are some grid page options that have small enough grids to facilitate the small Instagram file size. We recommend these grid options for smaller social media photos.


  • We can only print English characters for your title. The preview may show non English characters but our script cannot understand them. Non English characters will be printed as a "?".

What is the exact pixel count for pages and covers on these books?

We admire your attention to detail!

Pages are 1450 x 1750 pixels

Covers are 2102 x 2622 pixels


We made you a new maker! You can now print multiple photos per page, avoid some issues with larger Instagram photos, and generally have a better experience.

If you need a matching set, we totally understand. You can still use the old uploader, however this build is no longer supported, and there are some latent bugs that exist. These bugs have been eliminated from our new maker, which is why we recommend using it. You can reach our old Photobook Maker  here .



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