Folded Greeting Cards

Product Details

Snail mail lives on! Our Folded Greeting Cards come in four sizes with the ability to choose full bleed or print with a white border. They are uncoated to allow for personalization with a pen of your choice.

Product Sizing

  • Tiny - 2.5x2.5" (6.4x6.4 cm)
  • 4x4" (10.2x10.2 cm) - Set of 36 cards for $30 
    • If square option is selected, image size is 2.6x2.6" (6.7x6.7 cm)
  • 4x6" (10.2x15.2 cm) 
    • If square option is selected, image size is 2.6x2.6" (6.7x6.7 cm)
  • Classic 5x7" (12.7x17.8 cm)
    • If square option is selected, image size is 3.1x 3.1" (7.9x7.9 cm)

Ordering Tips

Our square cards come with 4x4" Square Envelopes. These cannot be shipped via USPS.

Your cards will be printed with the fold on the left of your photo from what you see in the preview. If you would like your cards to be printed in landscape, your landscape photos should be rotated so the top of the photo is on the left side of the preview.

A Note on Cropping for Full Bleed Photo Greeting Cards:

Due to the nature of full bleed printing and trimming, we recommend keeping all important subjects at least 0.25” from the edge of your print shown on the cropping menu or print preview. Full bleed prints can be cropped up to an additional 0.25” from this preview so we recommend keeping all vital limbs, heads, and text away from these crop lines.

No Can Do

We cannot remove our branding from the reverse of the cards, nor can we replace our branding with another. We cannot add any additional branding to the back of the cards.

We cannot add text to the inside of these cards.

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