Hardcover Photobook

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2017 12:12PM PST
Product Info:

Photobooks have 38 pages bound with a hard cover.
Measures at 7 x 8.5 inches
Glossy pages that are just the right weight for flipping.
Interior pages are printed on 50% recycled FSC-certified paper.

3 Layout Options:
Classic: 38 photos with one image per page and captions.
Full Bleed: 38 full bleed photos.
Creative: 319 photos with many images per page in a grid layout.

Need help with the new Photobook Maker? Check out the FAQ page

Order Hardcover Photobooks here!

Ordering Tips:

For your cover text and captions, please use English characters only. Emojis or non-English characters will not print.

Please note that if you edit your book from the cart, captions may not be saved. Make sure your title and captions are where you want them.

The full bleed option does not allow for captions at this time. If you have the design chops, you can create your own image file with both text and photos, and upload it to the full bleed photobook option. These files must be in the jpeg format, and must be 2100x2550 pixels to create a perfect full bleed page.

For 319 image photobooks, you can now use photos uploaded from your desktop once again. We recommend uploading and checking out in one fell swoop! We cannot save your progress as you go, so any orders left in ordering limbo can be lost forever :( 
No Can Do:

More options - At the moment we only have two sizes available and are unable to add or subtract pages. We're so sorry about this! We are prototyping new sizes as you read this! 

Custom covers - We only offer the grid format or the full bleed cover at the moment. The other format options available on the app are not available on the web at this time. 

Layout control in the Creative Photobooks - You can drag and drop your photos into the order you would like them to print on the rearrange page. Unfortunately the only way to see exactly where in the book they are (and how large they will print) is to proceed past the rearrange page to the book preview pages. You can scroll through and check out the files there, and then go back to the rearrange page if you do not like the layout. Please note. Titles and cover images will need to be re-entered every time you go back to the preview page as they will be lost if you make lots of moves back and forth between the two pages.

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